The Banshee 210 - FPV racing frame

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After months of practice and testing different options Coastline Robotics Proudly presents

The Banshee 210 fpv racing frame
This frame was designed to bring the maximum potential of your flight controller. With a fully symmetric "X" shape is easier to tune for either Freestyle or Speed. 2mm carbon fiber plates with a strong 3D printed PLA skirt make this frame virtually unbreakable. 

Real "X" Shape

The Banshee 210 FPV racing frame

Fit in all your electronics

The banshee fpv racing drone

Stop breaking motors

The banshee 210 fpv racing frame

The frame has a sleek design with motor protection.
The Banshee 210 fpv racing drone
Adjust the height of the FPV camera mount to fit different flight controllers like the TBS Bullet-proof core unit.
Designed by Coastline Robotics pilot Ronald Meza.

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