FPV Racing Frame. RD 290 Mini Hexacopter.

$39.90 USD $49.90 USD

We are excited to introduce this new amazing FPV racing frame! Become the new king of the race course!
With 290 mm of distance between rotors, this frame it's perfect to fit into the FPV racing category and with two extra motors you can push up your speed limits to the next level! With this frame you have enough space to fit all the standard electronics plus any new addition that you may want to try. The whole frame is made of genuine japanese 3K weave carbon fiber, the thickness of the main plates is 1.5 mm and the arms are 3 mm, making it virtually unbreakable.

FPV racing frame. HexacopterFPV racing frame. Hexacopter

It weight only 186 grams!!!


1 x RD290 6 axis frame kit.