Power Distribution Board for F3/F4 flight controllers | 5v /12V filters. | H shape

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Supports from 3S to 5S batteries. With 5V / 12V step down filters, this is an ideal PDB for a variety of flight controllers for FPV racing drones. This PDB supports up to 5S batteries @ 120A - 140A burst. pdb for sp racing f3 & f3evoIt Includes a  filtered connection for the camera and the Video transmitter for a cleaner image. 

The SP Racing F3 & F3EVO flight controllers can be mounted directly to the PDB buzzer and Vbatt pinouts.



Buzzer alarm included
Supports up to 5S batteries
20z Copper PCB
Size: 37.5*54.5mm
Weight: 8g
30.5*30.5mm Mounting Holes
5V/2A 12V/0.5A Switch for camera or video transmitter
120A constant 140A burst

 Package includes:

1 x Power Distribution Board PDB
1 x Buzzer alarm 
1 x set of pins