Piko BLX F3 Micro Flight Controller | 20mm x 20mm Mounting Holes

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For Micro Brushless FPV Racing Drones!

Designed to be a revolutionary flight controller, the PIKO BLX Micro Flight Controller changes everything - the true ultimate in the insanity fueled micro FPV racing scene.

Ultra light, astonishingly small and packed with massive levels of performance capability, the PIKO BLX is the one and only flight controller that is ready & waiting to devastate the micro FPV competition. Unlike any other system available today, the PIKO BLX provides an all in one solution that brings forth the ultimate in simplified sophistication, utilizing industry leading technology that has never been seen in a system this compact.

Piko blx flight controller for FPV racing dronesPiko blx flight controller for FPV racing drones

Cluttered & complex wiring? Never again.

With an industry 1st gold plated PDB that is integrated within,the PIKO BLX provides the ultimate in soldering ease with the highest grade of connectivity, allowing direct soldering points for motors, VTx, Receiver and FPV Camera. Simplicity has met its match, and we have yet to get started.

Utilizing the most recent F3 chip processor with built in CleanFlight & BetaFlight firmware, the PIKO BLX utilizes industry leading components with an included LC filter for the very best in signal reception. Add the 2A 5V BEC with a built in Sbus inverter, the PIKO BLX stands alone amongst all the rest with a potent blend of race ready madness.

Specified for micro FPV racing, the ultra small footprint of the PIKO BLX is the perfect fusion of nano racing mania, providing a flight controller experience second to none. This adhesion of performance, capability & simplicity is the apex of nano FPV flight, providing the end user with an FPV experience that brings everything to the table in a zero compromise design.

The PIKO BLX is the ultimate solution when it comes to the micro FPV world. Get yours today, and change the way you FPV.

Piko blx flight controller for FPV racing drones

Features & Capabilities:

-  20X20mm platform micro flight controller with F3 chip
- PDB built-in 
- Heavy Duty 2A BEC @ 5V Output Built-in
- LC filter Built-in
- Supports Buzzer alarms
- Gold Plated Pads for the Very Best Connectivity
- Firmware Perfection via CleanFlight & BetaFlight
-Sbus Ready w/ Built In Inverter
- Frysky Telemetry capable
- Full USB Support
- Ultra Compact Design for Ease of Installation

Find Piko BLX Manual Here!