Naze 32 Flight Controller Mini Version. Race edition

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All the power packed in such a small board

Introducing the ultra small version of the most popular flight controller, the Naze 32 mini. This is an awesome option if you are looking to shave even more weight, ideal for mini FPV racing drones but could be used in virtually any platform up to 6 motors with the same capacity as a regular Naze 32 board.

mini naze 32 for fpv racing drone

Designed for use with 

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6 motor outputs for multi-rotors
Battery voltage monitoring
On board USB plug
Three Status LED
Cables and piezo buzzer alarm are included


SIze: 30mm x 17mm
Weight: 2 gram without headers
Processor: STM32F103CBT6 32-bit Cortex M3
Accelerometer: MPU6050
Degrees of Freedom (DOF): 6


1 x Mini Naze flip32 6DOF board
1 x set of assorted wires
1 x set of pins (straight ans side angle)
1 x Piezo Buzzer alarm.