FTV Little Bee 20A ESC PRO

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The FVT Little Bee 20A Pro ESC builds on everything learnt from the original Little Bee 20A ESC, as used by some of the top FPV race pilots. The Little Bee 20A Pro ESC represents great value for money and is perfect for the avid mini FPV racing quad user. The new ESC uses the SILABS F396 MCU which runs at 48MHz, which is much faster than on the original Little Bee 20A ESC, which means that the new Little Bee 20A Pro ESC will provide a faster and crisper response

The Little Bee 20A Pro is Oneshot 125 compatible which allows your flight controller to communicate with the ESC 8x faster, this helps prevent ‘old’ data from being sent to the ESC when new data is received from the flight controller only nanoseconds after the previous command was written.

The Little Bee 20A Pro ESC also has damped light which means that the motors will react quicker to decreases in throttle levels, so that when the throttle is decreased the ESC will actively feed a ‘breaking’ signal so that instead of relying on the air resistance of the prop to slow down the motor the ESC will actively slow it down, removing the 'floaty' feeling experienced by craft without this feature.

All of the features on the FTV Little Bee 20A Poro come courtesy of the BLHeli 14 firmware that comes pre-flashed from factory. The Little Bee 20A Pro can be flashed and programmed through the BLHeli suite using either the ESC to USB linker or through the programming pass-through on compatible Flight Controllers


Size: 24.5 x 12.5 x 3mm
Weight: 4g without wires
Continuous current: 20 Amps
Burst current (10s): 30 Amps
Input voltage: 2-4s LiPo
Firmware: BLHeli 14
Bootloader: BLHeli Bootloader
Mosfet: N-Channel
USB Programmable: Yes
PCB board: 4-layer blind pole board, 3 oz copper