Smartphone and Gopro camera stabilizer Lanparte (Includes Gopro Mount).

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Enjoy World class image stabilization in your Smartphone or Gopro camera with the new Lanparte 3 axis hand held gimbal. Completely pre-configured and fine tuned is ready to shoot Hollywood quality videos right out of the box. 

It has a unique and convenient design compatible with Gopro cameras or Smartphones.
Made of CNC aluminium alloy and ABS engineering plastic for excellent resistance, it contains one of the most sophisticated stabilization systems on the market. 


3 axis active stabilization.
Gesture control system.
Customized high quality brushless direct drive (BLD) motors.
Maximum +/- 0.1 degree leveling error.
High precision 6 axis IMU incorporated.
Long lasting battery. Around 3 hours per charge.
Compatible with Gopro 3, Gopro 4 cameras, Iphone, Samsung Galaxy S series and phones within 5 inches  in general.


1 x Completely ready to use Lanparte hand held gimbal.
1 x Cellphone mount.
1 x GoPro Mount
1 x Rechargeable long life battery.
1 x Charger and cables.
1 x Counter weight.
1 x Protective carrying bag.