Flytower F4 V2.5 | All In one Flight controller + 40A ESC + VTX + OSD

$99.99 USD

The Flytower F4 is an upgraded version of the Flytower F3. This new version consists of only 2 stackable layers, wich helps to save some weight by eliminating one layer. Now the Flight controller, OSD and VTx are all together in one single board!

The Flytower F4 designed is based on the OMNIBUSF4 target and supports Betaflight. 

Switchable Video power transmission: 25mW, 200mW and 400mW

The re-designed 40A ESCs come with D-Shot ready to use right out of the box. The VTX has adjustable transmission power output from 25mW up to 400 mW and can display up to 40 channels. 

Flytower F4

All you need to fly FPV properly is contain in this awesome combo. 


flytower f4 specfications


- Smart design, easy to access connectors
- 2 layers Stackable
- Compact: Only 36 x 36 x 15mm. 30.5mm mounting holes
- Weight - 28.7 grams
- Neat and Tidy, easy to install in virtually any racing drone
- STM32 F405 MCU,
- Supports Betaflight firmware (supported from firmware version v3.0)
- Expandable memory via SD card
- MPU6000  accelerometer and gyro unit, communication with main processor over SPI Bus
- STM32 controls OSD chip directly over SPI in DMA mode, this mean less CPU use and faster update rates.
- Micro USB connector.
- Integrated 40 channels VTx with adjustable transmission power (25, 200, 400mW)
- Supports LED lights and Buzzer alarm

Download Manual here


1 x Flight Controller + VTx + OSD module
1 x 4 in 1 40A ESC with D-Shot module
1 x Heat sink
1 x VTx pigtail
1 x set of Mounting hardware

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