DTI Blade 150 with 5V/12V PDB-BEC. Carbon fiber

$21.90 USD $28.00 USD

FPV is just getting better! With only 150 millimeters rotor to rotor distance, this is probably one of the smallest frames in the market. Made of glass fiber, it only weight 25 grams. It is perfect for tight spaces and acrobatic style.

Diatone 150

Diatone 150

Diatone 150


We suggest to use the following configuration to complete the build:

Propellers: 3 inch 
Battery: 7.4V 500mah
Motor: 4000kv to 31000 kv motors  
ESC: 6A to 30A 
Flight controller: Naze 32, SP Racing F3

For FPV we suggest to use the following elements:
Cam: 600 TVL micro wide angle camera.
Video transmitter: 200mw 5.8 Ghz 
Battery: 11.1V 600-800mah.
1 x Diatone blade 150 CArbon fiber frame
1 x 5V/12V PDB power hub.

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