DSM2 micro receiver for JR Spektrum transmitter | 6 Ch PPM | Micro brushed drone

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When building Micro FPV racing drones every single gram counts, that's why this R/C receiver is your best option for DSM2 protocol.

This receiver weights less than a gram!

Only 0.28 grams

It support all JR and Spektrum transmitter. It could be used with the Walkera DEVO 10 and DEVO 7E with the Deviation firmware flashed; also support all transmitters with DSM2 protocol.

The bind procedure is automatic just like with small quad-copters. When you power it on, the receiver tries to bind with the transmitter for about 3 seconds (led is blinking). Once the receiver find a transmitter (which must be also in bind mode) then it records the transmitter unique code for future uses. After executing the binding procedure successfully, the LED light will remain on. In case the binding process was not successful the LED light won't turn, so you'll have to execute the binding procedure again.

DSM2 micro receiver for micro fpv racing drones

Main features:

Channels: 5 channels PWM | 6 channels PPM
Frequency Range: 2.4-2.48GHz
Effective range: About 120m
Power: 3.7-5V DC
Weight: 0.28g
Antenna Length: 30mm
Size: 9.5mm*10.5mm*2.5mm

This receiver has a traditional 5 channels PWM output, to get PPM signal just jump the ground pin with the Channel 1, the signal now will be output through channel 2

Package Includes

1 x  DSM2 5Ch/6Ch-PPM Micro Receiver