Omnibus F4 AIO PRO| With built in OSD

$34.99 USD

This is the all new omnibus F4 Pro, based on the design of the popular omnibus F3 pro.

 STM32 F4 processor for faster loop times.

Omnibus f4 aio pro flight controller


Includes all the awesome features of the OMNIBUS family, Integrated Betaflight OSD module, SD card reader to memory expansion, low noise and high-quality accelerometer+gyro MPU6000 IMU connected via SPI,  current and voltage sensor and more.

 This version includes a built-in BEC, so you can power this board directly from your battery (up to 4S)

omnibus f4 aio flight controller

This board includes a quality MPU-6000 sensor, the good ones!


  • Gyro+Accelerometer MPU6000 connected over SPI 
  • On-Board Betaflight OSD (configuration through Betaflight, communication with main processor over SPI bus)
  • Expandable memory via MicroSD for Blackbox
  • Includes Barometer (BMP280). The barometer sensor is deactivated by default if you would like to activate it, go to the Betaflight configurator and activate it in the configuration tab.
  • STM32 F405 Processor
  • 5v3a SBEC
  • Built-in Current Sensor
  • On-Board Video Filter (can supply only 5V to VTx and Camera)

Omnibus f4 aio pro flight controllerOmnibus f4 aio pro flight controller

Package includes:

  • 1x Omnibus F4 AIO PRO Flight Controller
  • 1 x Set of connectors

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