Airbirds VTX Based Timing System | Race Box for 8 pilots

$704.00 USD

Coastline robotics is proud to announce the official FPV Canada time tracking system. 

FPV Canada has been using the Airbirds open source infrared timing system ERLT since the start and we only have good things to say.  Working closely with Airbirds allows us to be involved in doing research, development and testing of their products and give real time feedback on their software and apps.  

erlt timing system

Airbirds provides an open API from their website and also able to work seamlessly with MULTIGP website and Lapsync.  VTX timing is the future of drone racing hardware and Airbirds is 1 of 3 players in the world with this technology. Airbirds prides itself in being a big part of the open source community to allow free development and building of software around their proprietary hardware, their project code source can be found on Github.

The official Google Chrome App of the RaceBox is directly connects  to FPV-SPORTS.IO for a smooth integration of both time tracking and race management. Both Mac and PC native apps are being developed and will be release shortly. 


  • Track up to 8 pilots at once
  • VTX time tracking
  • 40 Channels (z.B. RaceBand, FatShark, Boscam)
  • Smooth integration with FPV-SPORTS.IO via the official Google Chrome App of the RaceBox
  • LapSync MultiGP Support
  • various race modes are supported via FPV-SPORTS.IO or MultiGP, e.g. time-based or point-based qualification, Double Elemination etc.

The official RaceBox Google Chrome App is open source and can be found here. The documentation for the RaceBox protocol is also open and can be found in the readme file of the ChromeApp.


  • Connection: Serial via Mini-USB Port
  • Power: 2-4S LiPo, XT60-Connector
  • Max racers: 8
  • Accuracy: 5 - 7 ms


Windows drivers
Mac OSX drivers



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