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Quadcopter racing is revolutionizing the world of remote-controlled vehicles. These light, nimble craft are driven by four rotors that give them phenomenal maneuverability and speed. Combine that with a stabilized camera feed streamed into first-person-view goggles worn by the driver, and you have a magical combination. There is nothing like the exhilaration of seeing what your drone sees as it streaks through the air!

Groups of drone users are popping up all over, and different kinds of races are popular. Time trials test multicopters' speed through a course. Rotocross involves two multicopters racing through a course. And then there’s drag races - sprints over a short distance to test the multicopters’ acceleration and speed. Imagine flying your multicopter around obstacles at high speeds, your goggles making it as if you are actually riding it. An exciting community is growing quickly around these events, and you can be part of it!

You will always have the choice of building your own quadcopter or ordering it. At Coastline Robotics, we carry first-class quadcopters as well as the parts to make them. We will expertly put them together for you if that is what you wish. We also carry the equipment required to keep your drone running - from motors to batteries to radios. Ask us any questions you have - we are very eager to help you! Whether you are a casual enthusiast or a dedicated drone pilot, Coastline Robotics is your source for high quality multicopters and parts. Shop with us today and join the revolution!

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