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FPV (or First Person View) is what makes drone racing to exhilarating: it’s like you are actually seated on your drone and hurtling through the air!

Whether you race your drone or simply use it to explore, having the best first person drone equipment is absolutely essential. Losing the connection with your drone mid-flight can have catastrophic results. That is why we offer the most dependable FPV equipment, including antennas, goggles, cameras, monitors, and receivers. We feature multiple Fat Shark goggles, including the Dominator and the Predator. Check out our Boscam HD FPV Monitor - it will allow you to watch the footage from your FPV camera at all times. Explore our antenna options - we offer great transmitters and receivers to ensure that you remain connected to your drone at all times.

Coastline Robotics is run by drone racers who are excited to share this great new sport. Our experience is at your disposal, and we are on a mission to make our drone online shop the very best. Whether you want to put together your own drone or want to receive it ready-to-fly, we can accommodate you. We are experts at drone construction, so feel free to take advantage of that service. And if you have questions about racing quadcopters or anything drone, contact us today. We will do what it takes to help you out!

We want your FPV system to be as vigorous and trustworthy as possible. Explore our affordably-priced collection below, and prepare for all of your future adventures!