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How to solder a Naze 32
The process of building a FPV racing drone it’s very fun and exciting, but without the proper techniques it can become frustrating. Learning how to do somethings by yourself can help you keep your drone build cheap. Here I’m going to show you how to prepare your Naze 32 flight controller by soldering the pin headers.

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Learning how to fly a drone doesn't have to be expensive, a virtual flight simulator is a good starting point allowing you to practice and internalize the stick commands and the orientation control. We have created this tutorial to help you install the R/C simulator on your computer and show you really quick how to configure your radio.


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Learn tips and tricks with this guide to build your own FPV Racing Drone.

The drones universe it's awesome, it provides an exciting feeling of freedom when flying and also make you feel creative and "techie" when assembling or tweaking with it.

We have prepared this series of videos that explain in detail how to build your own racing drone using the best practices learnt by experience and sharing with other pilots.


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Every day the acronym FPV is becoming more and more popular among the RC hobbyist community and the public in general.

We have prepared this article to explain in detail what is FPV, what are the elements necessary to create your own FPV system, how to set them up and finally some tips to improve your FPV experience.


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The document released by NAV CANADA, the company that owns and operates Canada’s civil air navigation service (ANS), has as a main objective to set an air traffic control framework and recommended procedures for the operations of UAV's in Canada's pacific region. Although the document is addressed to UAV users with a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC), it's not a bad idea to learn about this procedures and follow the instructions in order to avoid undesired incidents. Download the complete document here: UAV Best practices for the Pacific region. NAV Canada.PDF

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