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Replacing Mobius Lens

Is not a secret that even the most experimented pilot crashes once in a while and when crashes happens things breaks, that was the case of my brand new Mobius lens. Fortunately this problem has a solution so I decided to replace the broken lens, which was a version C by the newly designed version C2. This lens has a very slightly wider HFOV and better corner sharpness than Lens C, it is a better, higher quality lens that will be sold for the same price of the prior Lens C. Lens C2 will have the same latest design circuit board back plate holding the CMOS imager with the added ribbon cable clamping socket, so it cannot be retrofitted into older cases that were not designed for this new lens module style. Be sure you have the proper case design if you are retrofitting this lens on an older Mobius.

The following video shows how to replace your wrecked lens of the Mobius cam.


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