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FPV Racing drones 101. Learn how to build your own FPV racing drone

Learn tips and tricks with this guide to build your own FPV Racing Drone.

The drones universe it's awesome, it provides an exciting feeling of freedom when flying and also make you feel creative and "techie" when assembling or tweaking with it.

We have prepared this series of videos that explain in detail how to build your own racing drone using the best practices learnt by experience and sharing with other pilots.

The first video of the series will cover the components and assembling the first part of the racing drone which is the lower frame and installing the Power distribution Board.


The second video of the series will be covering the Flight Controller installation, ESC's and motor Wiring and an introduction to the Ground Control Station.



The third video will cover the fine tuning on the Flight Controller software, PID's, Rates and Exponential curves are combined to obtain a really "locked in" feeling as well as accurate controls.



 We hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial, stay tuned for more information, tips and tricks.

See you next time!

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