Montréal Drone Expo: Imagine a real life video game July 03, 2016 08:58

The Montréal Drone Expo was a huge success exceeding numbers unseen in this sport so far with an attendance of over 900 people not including the pilots or vendors. There were more than 60 pilots competing for the chance to win and go to the Nationals in New York & Maui Hawaii. The Montreal Drone Expo was held at the Molson Stadium with a beautiful setting attracting people throughout the day with many spectators excited to see the professionals flying and even showing emotion when watching crashes.

This new sport involves high-speed flying multi rotors racing each other using precision, focus, tech knowledge and lots of practice. Compared to as a real life video game this up and coming hobby is becoming a real chance to fly in the cockpit. Also this hobby is super fun to watch as pilots race each other through gates and around flags & making freestyle maneuvers that are just too cool. Some pilots mentioned that FPV flying is super fun but not easy. “You have to forget everyone's watching or you could get nervous and you need all your focus to know exactly where your drone is at all times.” -Ronald Meza

This event was full of smiles and curiosity, lots of people came in not knowing what drones were capable of and their minds were blown. It was great to see that people are learning more about drones and open to the concept that they can be used for good/fun. Lorena from Teeny drones was doing a fantastic job showing all the kids and adults how it’s done, flying the Teeny drone through hoops she attracted quite the crowd. Also allowing them a turn to fly we saw people flying having fun time and chatting about drones all day. It was really sweet to see a young boy and his dad enjoying their time together trying on FPV goggles for the first time. 

“At the end of the day it’s about meeting others who are like minded, making friends and sharing tips & tricks.” -Ronald Meza

Our team pilot Ronald Meza known as CosteFPV made it onto the CBC News. Check out his interview here:

Special thanks to all who made this event happen @montrealfpv Jason Mainella, Matthew Zoern, Ben Bounous, Nick Iversen, David Whiddon, Gabriel Kocher, Ryan Walker, and Patrice Mainville. Super great group of guys.  Also thanks so much to all the Volunteers and many others who also helped execute this awesome FPV event. See you all next year!

You are going to crash, but that is all part of the fun. When you need to make repairs here is a list of vendors you can get parts for your racing drone: Coastline Robotics, Teeny Drones, Airbirds, Flysight, Lozeau, Autobot, Holybro.