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Canadian West Coast Drone Racing goes full throttle June 27, 2017 08:52


Receiving the summer racing with friends and having a good time it's always a winning combination. The West Coast Drone Racing League made it again, this time the scenario was the Fraser Valley RC Flyers in Chilliwack, a field in excellent conditions and a very tight but fast track. 


Montréal Drone Expo: Imagine a real life video game July 03, 2016 08:58

ronald in montreal drone expo

The Montréal Drone Expo was a huge success exceeding numbers unseen in this sport so far with an attendance of over 900 people not including the pilots or vendors. There were more than 60 pilots competing for the chance to win and go to the Nationals in New York & Maui Hawaii. The Montreal Drone Expo was held at the Molson Stadium with a beautiful setting attracting people throughout the day with many spectators excited to see the professionals flying and even showing emotion when watching crashes.


How to install the Phoenix R/C simulator. November 14, 2015 19:15

Learning how to fly a drone doesn't have to be expensive, a virtual flight simulator is a good starting point allowing you to practice and internalize the stick commands and the orientation control. We have created this tutorial to help you install the R/C simulator on your computer and show you really quick how to configure your radio.


Coastline Robotics @The Interdrone expo in Las Vegas September 14, 2015 16:34 2 Comments

In my opinion there is no better place to be for a drone lover than at a drone convention. Everybody attending loves drones, you get the latest news of the drone industry first hand, new product releases and the possibility to interact with them. The city of Las Vegas was the perfect setting. People use to say "What happens in Vegas stay in Vegas"... well this time is not the case. 

Film Festival.

The film festival was a very pleasant way to start the event, we were watching top notch quality videos made by professional and amateur videographers showing unbelievable places from perspectives never seen before. The main categories that were evaluated by the international pool of judges were: Natural Wonders, Cityscapes and Architecture, Action Sports, Acrobatics/Technical Skill, Storytelling, Reel and Best Overall. The winners in each category won $500 and the overall winner won $2.000 dollars with the impressive film "Jordan from the air".  

Cool drones and good vibes August 28, 2015 10:02

We are part of a meet up group called VanDrones which is an online group where people interested in flying or learning about drones can meet up once a month to practice flying and or just spectate. August 22nd we went to Triangle Beach in Richmond to fly our racing drone and meet other drone enthusiasts. It was a hot day with a slight breeze that even the smallest quad copter could with stand. After a climb up to a large dirt area people started to gather introducing themselves and showing what UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle) they brought.


Keep up to date with the Best practices for air traffic services coordination. August 25, 2015 10:00

The document released by NAV CANADAthe company that owns and operates Canada’s civil air navigation service (ANS), has as a main objective to set an air traffic control framework and recommended procedures for the operations of UAV's in Canada's pacific region.

Although the document is addressed to UAV users with a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC), it's not a bad idea to learn about this procedures and follow the instructions in order to avoid undesired incidents.

Download the complete document here: UAV Best practices for the Pacific region. NAV Canada.PDF

Racing drones through a forest is the sport of the future June 28, 2015 12:45

The crowd at East Grinstead makes for an odd sight — most of them are wearing plastic goggles with long antennas sticking up, apparently ignoring their surroundings and staring out into empty space. Despite this, they react like a crowd at a football match, letting out oohs and aahs in unison, responding to some unseen action. Suddenly, a small drone skitters out of the trees on their right, crashing through the brushes before landing in a spray of dirt and leaves. There’s a cheer from the begoggled watchers and a small round of applause.